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Better Foreplay

Foreplay should not be overlooked. If you learn how to have better foreplay with your lover then you will also be increasing your odds for having an explosive grand finale.

Be attentive to your lover. Talk about what the both of you enjoy – this could lead to some steamy talk. One way to have better foreplay is by using props: light candles, make a bubble bath, use lotions and oils, introduce sex toys, play your favorite music. Another way to have better foreplay is to include a female enhancement product, such as V Cream.

Better Foreplay Techniques

You can also try role playing to have better foreplay. Maybe your lover wants a man in a uniform or a female boss who is very demanding – she always gets what she wants! Techniques for better foreplay should be fun and daring but don't forget the basic elements of foreplay such as caressing, kissing, nibbling, petting or a full body massage.

If you want to have better foreplay begin before you get into the bedroom. Email your lover with a “discreet” message, leave a naughty note in your lovers jacket or perhaps on the steering wheel of their car, flirt with your lover while preparing a meal, buy lingerie and leave it out in the open, take a relaxed stroll and let your lover know how you feel about her or him.

Something as simple as letting your lover know that he or she is beautiful can lead to arousing foreplay activities. If you want to have better foreplay, be creative. For instance, you don't have to be in the bedroom, you can be at the beach, in the kitchen, on the stairs or in front of the TV.

Tell your partner how much you enjoy what he or she is doing and always put as much effort, fun and passion into the foreplay as your lover is – no one likes a bystander; that could easily ruin the moment. 

Remember don't be afraid to experiment if you want to have better foreplay. You never know what type of inner desires you and your lover will ignite.

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