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Guide for Good Oral Sex 

A true guide for good oral sex should contain several key elements including a discussion of techniques, positions and communication. The following guide for good oral sex will strive to do these things to help ensure your sex life is as enjoyable as possible. 

Your Guide for Good Oral Sex Begins With Communication

If you are ever going to have a good sex life, oral sex in particular, communication has to play an integral role. As this is a guide for good oral sex, you need to know that communication can make or break the experience. For instance, if you are not comfortable enough to express yourself and say what you like and what you don't like, how can you expect your partner to know? Contrary to popular belief, oral sex is not something you just know how to do. Rather, it is something you have to learn and that you have to learn with your partner. Any guide for good oral sex will be sure to emphasis this fact. 

A Guide for Good Oral Sex Technique

Technique is the majority of what makes oral sex enjoyable or downright uncomfortable. Hopefully, you will find this guide for good oral sex helpful in your quest for knowledge! Some of the best oral sex techniques can make your partner writhe with pleasure. But you have to learn them first!

You can use one tip in our guide for good oral sex on a male partner. In order to make oral sex really exciting for him, use your hands and your mouth at the same time. Begin by manually stimulating your partner by stroking his penis. Then add your mouth into the mix, following the rhythm of your hand. You can even use your other hand to caress his testicles. Using this guide for good oral sex is sure to make him very happy. 

If your partner is a woman, a part of a guide for good oral sex on a woman should discuss different ways to use your mouth on her. You can make long, soft licks from her vagina up to her clitoris. Or, you can roll your tongue around her clitoris and make a stroking motion. You can even spell out the alphabet with your tongue. Regardless of what specific techniques you use, remember to take this guide for oral sex seriously. After all, a truly enjoyable experience begins with your willingness to learn.

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