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The Best Sex Positions and Male Enhancement Products

Going Down

Oral Sex Tips for Women

A true guide for good oral sex should contain several key elements including a discussion of techniques, positions and communication - and no teeth! When it comes to fellatio, you have a lot of parts to play with. Mix and match a fast-paced deep throat with sensual licking of the shaft, head and testicles. Once you've mastered you're technique, blow him away with the best oral sex positions for fellatio!

Sex For One

Masturbation Tips

Did you know that masturbation is good for your health? It lowers blood pressure and stress levels, improves self-esteem, and overall makes you feel pretty damn good. Regardless of whether you're a man or woman, learn how to improve your masturbation techniques now with our solo sex tips. By following our masturbation techniques and guidelines you'll learn how to give yourself a mind-numbing orgasm - but hey, why stop at one?

Eating Out

Oral Sex Tips for Men

For a woman, there's no greater turn-on than a man who knows how to go downtown. Eating out is all about clitoral stimulation, with or without digital penetration. Not exactly sure where her clitoris is? We can help. Hone your skills with our leg-tingling tips and tricks for going down on women.

Porn Star Secrets

Boost Confidence & Performance

When it comes to passionate sex, sometimes the reality fails to meet up to expectations. Are you're worried about coming up short when it comes to pleasing the ladies? Learn the secrets of the porn stars on how to make a woman melt in your arms. Read up on our sex tips for satisfying women now!

Better Sex For Everyone

Sex Tips For Couples

In this article, we will answer the basic question on how to have great sex with your partner. Everyone thinks that by having sex it's all great. Sex is great to a certain point, but how do you reach the pinnacle of having great sex? Looking to spice up your sex life? Stir things up with exotic and kinky sex positions, sex toys and more. Not sure which toys are right for you? Check out our reviews page for more info.